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On-Page SEO is Key and Sqroot is #1 Choice for brands to solve all their on-page SEO-related issues. Our On-Page SEO services include an in-depth SEO audit, advanced keyword research, blog Strategy, web-page optimization, Copy and content refreshes, creating and updating product descriptions, technical on-page site audits and error remediation, site health checks, Website SSL setup, Metadata optimization, URL structure analysis and adjustment, Conversion rate optimization, analytics setup & tracking.

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Off-Page SEO

However, great on-page SEO optimization you do, your page will consider zero without off-page SEO. As per Google’s recent update, Off-Page SEO holds 70% waiting on in SEO. Our Off-SEO services include creating backlinks, local SEO, directory submission, press release, guest blogging, social bookmarking, broken link building, anchor text optimisation, etc. Our team of SEO experts has built off-page SEO strategy for more than 150 brands all over the world with 80% success rate.


They rank your website in X number of days.

Fine, to see our website getting ranked looks very eye-pleasing.

You might be wondering, what’s the problem this guy has while ranking the website.

Fair enough, I am not jealous of your agency but my main concern is your business. If that “eye-pleasing” ranking is helping to fill your bank balance & can pay your monthly bills then you are on the right path.

Let me drop my content writing skills & make it clear to you…

SEO is not only about ranking, but how it helps you to generate more business is the key role for using SEO.

If The 1000 number of website jumpers are landing on your page is not a big deal, but if those guests actually turn into revenue.

The conclusion is…

“What you see doesn’t sell”

Wait! Do you Know How Google Algorithm Works?

Before getting deep dive into the details of our SEO services let’s first understand that do you ever spend time on how Google Search Algorithm works?

An XYZ SEO expert said, Hey, It’s great…

To create Backlinks Or…
One should create long-form content…
Your Target Keyword in H1 & H2…

Bunch of people who call them SEO experts did a google search and copy-pasted the theory available on www (world wild web) and you believed???

Didn’t you think of validating the information you are hearing from these experts?

Well, we thought it through when we first entered into the world of SEO. Are you keen to learn how SEO works?

Then, you should dump all those SEO experts on YouTube and go and research about different kinds of algorithms which Google keeps on launching once a while to make SEO qualitative for the end user.

Well, to learn you don’t need to go out. Here are 5 key SEO algorithm launched by in last few years. Let me take you on a tour of SEO’s Zoo.


What if I create my website where after every line I stuff my target keyword without considering the user experience of the website?

#1 SEO Agency in Mumbai….
Best SEO Agency in Delhi…
Top SEO Agency in India…

Ooops!!! We were about to face bash from the Hummingbird algorithm to this page. Oh Lord Google!!! Please forgive me

Confused? Let us simplify this to you,

The hummingbird update was launched in the year 2013 to eliminate keyword stuffing & to improve the quality of the content. This was a big change that was implemented in the search engine to improve the search result quality as well as the speed.

Hummingbird literally had a HUGE impact on a lot of unethical sites whose only objective was to rank their site on the first page using Black Hat SEO techniques.

It busted all the myths related to keyword density & pushed the pages with quality content instead of the pages with high-density keywords.

The conclusion is – Content is the King. Keyword Stuffing is fool’s approach.


Panda – Google Panda algorithm was released in February 2011, to tackle websites with thin content. Back then there was a common trend of using content farm & article spinner tools.

Article Spinner tool’s objective was to pick a content piece from your site, replace the words with its synonym and create garbage content to rank well on SERP.

This low-quality content was not a good user experience but it manipulated the search results. Panda update helped Google to lower the rank of websites with spammy, copied, and spinned content.
Those websites came out from the radar of panda who replaced their garbage with quality content.

Rest all are still resting in peace (RIP)

It didn’t stop here, after becoming part of the main Google algorithm, google panda updates still punish the websites & throw them away at the backyard of the search engine which follows such malicious strategy for ranking purposes.

Also if you create content that is already present on 1000s of websites out there…. Then too you won’t rank on Google because Panda hates duplicate and plagiarized content.


RankBrain was a 2015 launched Google Algorithm update. It helps Google to understand those queries which had no previous history.

This is a machine learning algorithm that helps Google to evaluate a uniqueness of a query basis on the already available data

If you want to make users land on your page & make them read your content you will have to make this mister your best friend.

Google uses a machine-learning artificial intelligence system called “RankBrain” to help sort through its search results.

Wondering how that works and fits in with Google’s overall ranking system? Here’s what we know about RankBrain.

Google uses RankBrain to sort relevant websites through the billions of pages & find the ones deemed most relevant for particular queries.

Now you know who’s the decider here, if you ever fail to rank your website on the search engine you know whom to blame.

Some tips to get in the minds of RankBrain

  • Engage them with your headline & description so a bunch of people can jump on your page.
  • Make your content interesting so they stay for a longer duration on your page.

Here’s the pro tip:- Use good images, infographics, stats, etc. to increase the retention rate.

You can take an example of this page too…(make sure you don’t copy exactly the same, otherwise the animals of SEO zoo will come in search of your page)

ThinkBrain appraises all these factors & indicates the Search engine for an => organic push.


Here comes the half-brother of keyword catcher Panda.

I meant half because in case you escape the claw of a panda you will get arrested by Mr. Penguin.

With Penguin’s update, Google was successful in penalizing the websites with junk, irrelevant & spammed backlinks.

In the search for heavy backlinks, marketers often try to use shortcuts like purchasing backlinks or creating PBNs (Private Blog Networks). People used to sell link pyramid schemes/services. Post Penguin updates, all these shady strategies were impacted to a drastic level.

Also now Google doesn’t give importance to the count of the backlinks but the quality.

What is the profile of a website which gives backlinks?
What is the position of the links?
Is there any relevance between both websites?
Are Anchor text properly optimized or not?

Are some of the key metrics which Google tracks before giving you a heads-up on the backlink.

Penguin update was launched in 2012 and in 2016 it became a core part of Google’s main algorithm.

Page Layout

The page layout algorithm updates targeted websites with too many static advertisements above the fold. These ads would force users to scroll down the page to see the content.

Google said it would affect only 1% of the website but that 1% will be forced to make a better user experience.

You can see the perfection….

Google said it was changed because they wanted to “provide more relevant search results” and “improve its relevance”.

So, next time if you found what you were looking for on the first few web pages of Google Search then you need to thank Google for this update, for sure.

So, before you try to make people jump on unwanted backlinks & content, remember there will be 2 soldiers to monitor your SEO hooliganism.

Watch video for more details:

Think Emoji


1. Your Site Structure Sucks

The Architecture of your website should have a great user experience for the end-user. And by that, I don’t mean the design/layout of the website…

But the silo structure of your website. All your pages should be optimized from a CRO (conversion rate optimization) standpoint. This sends a good signal to Google that you really care for your users. A good structure with the inter-linking of sub-pages also helps you pass the link-juice to all the category and sub-category pages. So if you drive major traffic on Home-Page and if all your category/services are properly linked to your Home-Page and each other….

Then you can sit back let all your pages rank automatically. This is a good growth hack in SEO which a lot of people ignore.

2. You Are Not Creating Content That Can Hook Your Visitors.

Gone are the days when writing a mere 800-1000 word article used to help you rank on Google’s 1st Page. But now tables have turned….

Now one has to write an avg of 2000 word article to rank and if you are from a competitive industry like us? Then even a 3000-word blog article won’t be ideal to cut the throat of the competitors and rank on top.

Also, length is not enough…

If you write a 5000-word article with content that is already available across the Search engine… then too you won’t rank.

Write well-research content with a suggestion & inputs which you have tried first. If you are writing about a particular market/industry Firs go out and do market research/surveys, talk to real people, and do your homework.

If you are writing a review on a tool/system… Take a Free-Trail first, run some tests yourself. Note down your points and then go and write a blog on it.

I know this sounds too hectic to do all this just for a FREE blog… Trust us even we thought so initially but when we saw you multiply the effect of all those efforts we put in for so many years we double down our investment on such kind of content creation.

3. Lack Of Quality Backlinks

Generating Backlinks back in 10 years back was a big thing but today it is not even a task. But is it just getting link will solve all your seo ranking issue?

Well, it is BIG NO!!!

Don’t focus on creating backlinks, focus on quality backlinks. What do I mean by that? Focus on websites that have a higher DA (Domain Authority). Good DA would be 40-70.

These Websites will charge you a certain money per link but trust me investing in this activity is way better than investing your time, money, and energy in free backlinks/article submission.

Gone are the days when all these free SEO activities used to give great results.

It is SIMPLE….Imagine if you go out and tell your customers that you are the best amongst your competitors and everyone should buy your product/services. Do you think just by you bragging about yourself will fetch you enough customers?

Or, if some expert in your niche comes out and backs the quality of your product or services and recommends you. What do you think will drive the maximum business for your brand?

This is exactly how Google Algo works, if a third person with a higher DA recommends you and sends referral traffic to your website, that send a signal to Google’s robots that your website is quality for its users and thus it pushed your website on the top for every search query that your user does.

4. You Have Over-Optimised Your Site


Too much of a Good thing is also Bad, I guess we all know this right? This happens a lot when we focus on being too much of us everywhere. Over-optimization used to work earlier but not anymore. Hence it is important for you to check if your website has also fallen into Over-Optimisation Trap.

Following are the signals for Over-Optimisation;

  • Keyword-rich anchors for internal links
  • Using multiple H1 tags on a page
  • Linking to Toxic Sites
  • Too much of Keyword Stuffing
  • Pointing all internal/external links to broad-level navigation pages

5. Average Age Of A Result Ranking In 10th Place In 650 DAYS

Thumbs up


Our First Go-to-Step for any of our SEO clients is FREE Detailed Audit analysis, where without charging a single penny we run more than 37 tests on the website. This helps us understand the current health of the website, errors, and the scope of improvement. In the end, you can expect a Detailed Audit Report which has all the secrets to scaling organic traffic quickly.

The second step in the process is fixing Website eros which could be a hurdle in your growth journey if you don’t fix it ideally. Well, these errors could be website load speed, Low Text-to-HTML Ratio, Broken Links, duplicate content, Missing ALT Tags & Broken images, Messy URL structure, etc. There are more than 42 checklists that we check before declaring that the site is free from all technical issues.

Well, Step 3 & Step 4 are an ongoing process with the sole objective of optimizing the website rank every month. On-Page SEO focussed broadly on 3 Key areas viz; Website Page Optimisation & Blogs Content Creation. However, the On-Page SEO contributes to 40% of your SEO performance because of high competition and great awareness of SEO across the world. It is not rocket science to do On-Page SEO and almost every Tom, Dick & Harry knows On-Page SEO well to the T. Check out Step 4 to know how can you optimise the rest 60%.

Off-Page SEO is responsible heavily for the success or the failure of your website traffic performance. Gone are the days when simple stuffing keywords on your website were used to help you rank 1 on Google’s SERP. Google algorithms are getting strict day by day. Hence forcing website owners to focus on creating backlinks AKA Link Building Activities to improve their Google Ranking. We at Sqroot have a dedicated team who just focuses on outreach activities so that you can get referral traffic from the high DA websites.

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Here is a quick glimpse of what is covered in this E-Book;

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It is very difficult to find a good SEO agency in today’s time. SEO has the potential to make your business super successful provided it is done properly. If it is done wrongly then your website might get blacklisted on Google and you may never recover the same in long run.

So the only way you can prevent this problem is by choosing a reliable SEO agency with proven past records of delivering value to its customers. Sqroot is one of the fastest-growing SEO agencies with a proven track record of delivering traffic and ranking for its client. Our team is full of geeks who only lust for SEO day in and day out. We not only be aware of the current trends but also predict how future SEO trends will get shaped so that we can be ready for challenges/opportunities in near future.
Don’t just go by our words, schedule a consultation call with us today.

This is a favorite question of every client. We know how desperate are you to understand this whenever you open a conversation with any SEO Agency.

Well Budget for SEO depends on multiple factors, including;

  • The Current Health/Authoirty of the Website
  • What traffic numbers do you want to achieve at the given timeline?
  • Niche in which you operate your business?
  • Keyword Difficulty/Search Volume/ Bidding rate of your Niche

CAUTION: Stay away from SEO agencies that advertise standard packages for SEO.Huge Red-Flag because it is generalizing your business, and your ambition into a size fits all box.

Sqroot doesn’t treat everyone as same. We customize solutions for every client that works with us. Hence the budget on which we work varies from client to client and their requirement. But just to give you a gist, our base retainer starts from INR 75,000pm. To know more about services, book a consultation call with our SEO experts.

We don’t go by standard termed followed by the market. We can target 10 keywords or even 1000 keywords if required. Our strategies are not defined based on the number of keywords but on required the result. We focus on end result and we would do anything required to reach that goal.

Well, a lot of SEO agencies will tell you that it depends on the competition, your budget, etc. But this is where Sqroot stands out.

Our simple offer to all our clients is, “Rank your Website in 6 months or We Work for FREE.”

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