What was our brand about.

Shiminly specializes in holistic cross-disciplinary programs for K-12 schools and private students. They emphasize the whole person in the context of their learning, bridging self-knowledge with education to empower our students for success. Our dynamic courses nurture young people and inspire them to rise to the challenges of the future.


Audience Balance

In our case, though our target was kids yet the decision maker were their parents.

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Global Revelance

Targeting all Different cultures, and different countries across the globe.

Competitor FOMO Marketing

Competitors were marketing their products by using baseless facts which were highly perceived by the audience.

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Knowledging Without Boring Our Prospects

Our content bucket also involves informing our audience about the seriousness of our product, which may get content heavy and might be boring.

Channel Challenge

People usually prefer word of mouth to take decisions regarding the education sector and we were targeting them through online medium.

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Things we implemented to overcome


Our visuals were relevant to kids but the communication was directly relevant to their parents.

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Market study and research

We kept a close eye on all competitors spread globally and created a content calendar that is relevant to a global audience.


We fought with FOMO’s promise by addressing the actual problem through communication and how our brand will solve it in the most effective way.

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Filtering concepts and insights

Crisp, Interesting, and Relevant.


We backed our concept on facts extracted from in depth research which proved how our knowledge was benefiting the audience.


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